What is the ComputerEase Accounting Database Structure?

There is a utility included with the ComputerEase construction software that will print out portions or all of the database table structure. This may be particularly useful when trying to interoperate with the data.

Open a command prompt window at the directory where your ComputerEase software resides.

Use the following command to redirect input to a file and “print out” all database tables.

printdic > schema.txt

You may also view a single table at a time, by specifying it’s name.

printdic jcjob

Here is a sample screenshot of the results.



Insert and Update Queries in ComputerEase

I’m appreciative when I am able to quickly find a solution to a challenge. I tend to prefer to recall those times over long draw out battles, but see some of both, of course.

After I had given up trying to insert dates into ComputerEase, I tried again and found a post in the MSDN forum to be helpful.

Dates should follow the {d’yyyy-mm-dd} format. Here’s an example:

UPDATE jcjob SET name=’CUST NAME’, dateopen={d’1998-11-20′}, contractamt=1200.00 WHERE jobnum = ‘AK0002’

The trick here is padding the date with zeros as needed to make it 10 characters long. The following method [C#] may be useful.

/// <summary>
/// Returns a string that can be used to insert
/// the given date in the ComputerEase database
/// </summary>
/// <param name="date"></param>
/// <returns></returns>
private static string FormatDateForQuery(DateTime date)
    return String.Format(@"{{d'{0:yyyy-MM-dd}'}}", date);

How to connect to ComputerEase database via ODBC

Those supporting an accounting department that uses ComputerEase software may have found that there isn’t much documentation on how to interface with the software. There may be some sort of training available, but it probably isn’t inexpensive.

I do not believe any modification of the UI is possible as the software doesn’t seem to provide any sort of plug-in architecture, however after a fair amount of guess and check research, we discovered a couple ways to connect to the ComputerEase database.

These are the connection strings that worked for us. The 0 in both cases refers to the specific company database to which you wish to connect. I’ve added line breaks to this post for readability.



With DSN

"Dsn=Company 0;uid=userHere;pwd=passwordHere;"