A Tribute to Eric

One of our coworkers, our logistics coordinator, is now leaving us. He has chosen to move to the west coast where he will continue a slightly different line of work. That coworker, Eric, has been an integral part of the work I do over the past year. As such, I thought it would be fitting to make a few remarks about his contribution to the software we use, and describe how it has evolved over time, largely in part due to his direction and enthusiasm.

Akin to other small businesses, employees at Dome Technology often find themselves filling several roles. Eric not only ensured that equipment and supplies were available at our project sites around the world, he also took care to make sure the equipment was maintained, and licensed and registered as necessary.

Eric was one of the brave individuals that didn’t fear change. He was always open to improving the process and methods we used and automating what we could, given our resource constraints. His great attitude encouraged us to look at removing some of the burden from his work by creating an electronic system that would keep track of equipment.

Knowing where our equipment was located became the center of a slowly growing application that now has six main modules and is used by over half of our office employees. Perhaps none of these modules was created due to some business requirement, but rather because Eric’s example and use of this software lead others to understand the value that such software would add to their workflow.

I don’t think Eric has yet recognized that nearly everything of value I have been able to create and see come to fruition has been related to his original willingness to innovate and change and his understanding of the opportunities provided by bespoke software development.


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